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What Are the Different Types of HGH Therapy?

Stay Up To Date With Today’s HGH Therapy Options

HGH Injection:

Injectable HGH cannot be taken effectively by spray, tablets, or by swallowing. Injectable HGH – Human Growth Hormone Injection however is most effective when applied by sub-cutaneous or intramuscular injection as it entered the main blood stream through injection. Human growth hormone has become the latest fad amongst dozens of ageing celebrities in Hollywood who are desperate to look young. Well-known actors and household names are paying $240 a time to inject their bodies with chemicals they have dubbed ‘a fountain of youth in a syringe’. They can cost anywhere between $1000 – $2500 monthly! HGH users report that they feel 20 years younger, their skin feels tighter and that their sex drive increases. But there is a great deal of side effects of injecting HGH directly into the body which can cause serious problems. It has been proved by the research that the exorbitant cost and side effects makes HGH injections one of the least viable alternatives out there.

HGH Oral Sprays:

No doubt, you can easily found a great variety of HGH oral sprays in the market but studies show that HGH being a big molecule does not pass through the membranes in the mouth, stomach or intestines. You must have come across some claims saying that their HGH sprays contain a “polymer” that passes through, but a polymer is larger than HGH and cannot get through either. The benefit of these sprays has not been proven yet.This is one less alternative to look at as far as HGH is concerned. You are thinking if HGH Injections are dangerous and HGH sprays don’t work, then what you should use to look young?

Natural HGH Releasers:

HGH releasers are actually the pills in tablet form that are taken like vitamins. Since the pituitary gland is most active and does its job well when we sleep, it is suggested that these pills be taken before going to bed. You have also noticed that most HGH supplements in the market powerfully claim to be 100% natural made with pure herbs. But reality is different from what is being claimed. Still, there are some genuine supplements available in the market that contains completely natural herbs without having synthetic ingredients. The herbs used are somehow effective in stimulating the production of HGH in the body. In addition, the supplements are easy to consume rather that Injection HGH or their oral sprays.

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