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EHormones MD Review: Real Deal or Marketing Hype?

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a new and exciting option for millions of men struggling with the effects of aging. Levels of hormones often begin to decrease later in life — sometimes as young as 30 — in ways that clearly affect the behavior and attitudes of middle-aged men. These men are often stuck in a rut and do not how to improve their athletic lives, energy levels, and love lives. They do not want to have to waste away precious active years feeling weak and tired, with no options for improvement. But there is a solution to these problems that is accessible to most men. TRT fixes these problems and allows men to take advantage of the opportunities of middle age. My testosterone therapy review shows that it is possible to go through the simple hormone replacement program offered by hormone therapy clinics like EHormones MD and feel like a man’s life has been changed for the better.

Why I had the need for testosterone replacement therapy

For many years, I never thought that I would ever require a treatment like TRT. I had a considerable amount of vigor and a healthy drive throughout the first forty years of my life. I was active, fit, and had a relatively healthy diet. But around age 40, all of these factors began to gradually change. I began to slow down. I could not run and lift weights like I could earlier on in my life. Even the most mundane tasks would tire me out. Climbing stairs would lead me to have to stop and catch my breath.

When I would start projects or begin home repairs, I felt like I ran out of energy after less than an hour of activity. My love life had suffered as well. My wife of twenty years felt disappointed and urged me to take charge and do something about my life. Diets and exercise could only do so much. They made me lose weight and feel slightly healthier, of course. However, I could not recapture my drive. I began to feel depressed and wanted to find any possible solution to my problems. At about that time, a friend mentioned that they had undergone male hormone replacement and urged that I give it a chance.

What is testosterone replacement therapy?

After doing some reading and consulting various hormone therapy experts, I began to agree with my friend and think that my problems came from a lack of free male hormone in my bloodstream. Testosterone is a hormone that gives males many of the characteristics that separate them from females. At a basic level, male hormone leads to males having lower voices and more muscle growth on average. But male hormone also helps males build muscle and engage in an active sex life. Male hormone grows exponentially in a male after puberty begins and sustains a male’s strength, energy, and virility throughout the first several decades of their lives. It helps turn workouts into muscle and governs many aspects of a man’s mood and emotions.

But male hormone release begins to slow as a man ages and reaches their forties and fifties. The process is similar to the reduction of hormone release and the bodily changes in women that characterize menopause. A lack of male hormone can lead to a loss of passion and a weakening of muscles. It can make men feel sluggish in general and greatly harm their sex lives. In addition to not being able to accomplish the things men want to do, low male hormone influences the way they see themselves and their overall conception of their self-worth. It is a significant contributor to the malaise that many middle-aged men feel about their lives regardless of income.

Why EHormones MD TRT

The EHormones MD testosterone therapy program was a safe, involved program that I believe helped me immensely, and the reason behind this review. The testosterone therapy program prescribed was relatively simple and focused on improving my life overall with hormones being only one important step. There was no effect overnight and no magic bullet that immediately solved my problems. However, the hormone treatment was also not a placebo. After a few short weeks, I started to notice an improvement. I had more energy and passion in my relationship and in the many forms of physical activity I wanted to engage in. The sluggishness and lack of desire to do practically anything began to vanish.

My workouts were longer and more involved. I could lift weights and run on a treadmill without quickly tiring out. When I did take a break, I could stand up in fifteen minutes and start back at whatever I had been previously doing. My love life improved markedly as well. I had what felt like a general reset in my life prospects. My outlook turned from squalid to excited and passionate. After six months, I had a consultation and discovered that my male hormone levels had returned to normal. I have continued to feel great in the full year since I first started the regiment.

Review of the EHormones MD Process

The first step to changing my life was to call and make an appointment at the nearest EHormones MD testosterone therapy clinic. I began to research the company and easily found its map of locations. For the convenience of their patients, EHormones MD has close to twenty hormone therapy clinics located throughout the U.S. Being in New York meant that I was only a short drive away from several clinics. I picked the clinic closest to my house and filled out an online form. The Patient Services Director at the clinic gave me a call and booked me for an appointment with a doctor for exams and lab tests. The lab tests and physical exam are critical to understanding the root of my problem.

Lab tests helped to show for certain that I had a low level of free male hormone. Both tests and the physical exam also show whether or not a potential patient is a good candidate for male hormone replacement and if the process will be safe for them, which is why it’s always a good idea to meet with a phsyician and review your lab test. More and more I hear horror stories of men just like me ordering what they believe is testosterone or HGH through online pharmacies, but oftentimes, these are counterfeits or sugar pill. In the best case it will have zero effect on your body, and worst case it could be serioulsy harmful to your body.

It takes 2–3 days for doctors to make the recommendation about if an individual is a good candidate for testosterone therapy and what their next steps should be. I was called back into the doctor’s office in two days and told that I was a greate candidate for this program. I did have a low level of male hormone and there were no other obvious reasons that I was feeling the symptoms I was reporting. My vital signs were all normal and I was healthy enough to begin receiving male hormone.

After this consultation, I paid for the program. Costs for programs have somewhat of a range based on the needs of the patient. The most basic program starts at a reasonable $149 per month, but can go up from there based on the needs of the patient. This cost covers both the male hormone and all of the medical visits and tests connected to the ingestion of pills or the injections. Once payment is made, the treatment begins. The new male hormone is administered through injections. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “I can’t inject myself using a needle!” I thought the same. Imagine the tiniest of needles, similar to those used for diabetic insulin. Just a tiny pin prick, not those giant needles you see in your nightmares. After the first one or two injections, it becomes second nature and all you’re focused on is seeing the results!

All of the medications are delivered overnight from the company with tracking information delivered by email. These packages arrive to the patient’s home in a discrete box with no obvious indications as to what is inside.

As an EHormones MD testosterone therapy patient, you will stay on the regiment for as long as it’s needed. After six weeks, EHormones sends out a questionnaire and a lab form to make sure that there are no complications. Then, they provide lab tests and follow-ups every six months. Lab tests track a wide variety of indicators such as estrogen, growth hormone, cortisol levels, and blood functions. An individual could call and contact the company between consultations if any problems arise. These consultations can be performed without an extra fee being charged. All of my lab work went through well at each juncture. I did not report any significant adverse side effects at any step of the process. I have been on the hormone replacement regiment for the past year and have only positive effects to report from my experience.

Final Thoughts on EHormones MD

Anybody who is interested in TRT needs to be careful and cautious, do you due diligence, and read up on TRT and HGH therapy reviews. This treatment may not be right for everyone. Hormonal levels can influence the body in ways that many people would not otherwise predict. Therefore, the hormone replacement process should be seen as one taken in tandem with a medical professional. Any questions or abnormalities that pop up at any time should be discussed with a medical professional. Even seemingly unrelated symptoms may be tied to the body’s adverse reactions to new hormone treatment. Medical professionals will help determine the root of symptoms and be able to advice on treatment for an individual going forward.

If an individual is careful and follows the advice of their medical professionals, there is a good chance that male hormone replacement through EHormones MD will be a success. I know that personally. I have a number of hobbies and activities that I can return to after my therapy. For a few small payments, I was able to recapture my vigor and drive in ways that I used to think were no longer possible. TRT through EHormones helped to turn me into a new man. Any man who thinks they need such a change in their life needs to consider EHormones testosterone therapy today.