Find the Best Primary Care Physicians on Long Island

If you’re looking for the best Long Island doctor available, then don’t hesitate to call our company Sisselman Medical Group for more information.We have two Long Island offices One is in Commack and the other is in Massapequa. When you’re in need of the best Long Island physician who can take care of all of your basic primary care needs, our clinics can make a fantastic, convenient and trustworthy option for you.

About Our Long Island Physicians and Staff

Our practice is headed by Dr. Jill Sisselman and Dr. Stephen Sisselman. If you’re looking for a primary care physician who is highly respected and who has board certification, either of these two caring and seasoned doctors should be able to make you very happy. While the former primary care doctor specializes in family medicine, the latter specializes in internal medicine.

Our Services

We offer our patients many diverse choices in physician services. Some examples of our many available services include flu shots, allergy tests, hearing tests, eyesight tests, skin biopsies, metabolic rate evaluations, staple extraction, suture extraction, PAP smear tests and blood drawing. We also offer our patients assistance with pain management. Whether you’re suffering from pain and need help or you simply want to find out if you’re allergic to anything in your life, we can provide you with the dependable medical assistance you’re looking for here at Sisselman Medical Group.

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If you’re searching for a reputable Long Island primary care physician, call us as Sisselman Medical Group today for additional details or to schedule an appointment.