Make it a Point to See Your Physician Yearly

Many people will only see a Physician when they get sick. However, it is a good idea to see a doctor every year for a physical. Sisselman Medical Group, and our Long Island Physicians, endorse getting yearly physicals as the benefits are plentiful. Below is a list of benefits of seeing a physician every year:

Helps You Stay On Top Of Your Numbers

Your blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and blood sugar will be checked during a physical. If there are problems, then your doctor will be able to treat them early. This can prevent you from developing further complications down the road. Blood sugar, cholesterol, weight and blood pressure can fluctuate, which is why it is important to have it checked regularly.

Health Risk Assessment

If you see a Long Island physician like Dr. Sisselman, then you will be able to know whether you are at risk for certain conditions. Medical conditions can run in families, which is why doctors will ask about your family’s medical history. Your doctor can also determine whether you are at risk for certain conditions by looking at your personal medical history.

Healthy Lifestyle Information

You have to do your part to keep yourself healthy. Your doctor can inform you about things you will need to do in order to keep yourself healthy. For example, if you are a smoker, then your doctor can give you tips for quitting. The physicians at Sisselman Medical Group can also advise on,  and help you get started with an exercise program and eating healthy.


Adults do not require as many vaccinations as children do. However, you may need booster shots. For example, tetanus boosters are required every 10 years. Visiting your doctor regularly will help you stay on top of your vaccinations. Your doctor may also recommend that you get a flu vaccine every year.

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