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Testosterone Therapy: A New Beginning for Some Men

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For men beginning in their 40’s testosterone levels begin to drop by about 1% per year. This drop can cause many problems that affect their daily live, but most notable symptoms can include a lower sex drive, erectile dysfunction, a decrease in energy, and a lower muscle mass. For some, this turns into a condition called hypogonadism, which affects from 2 to 6 million men living in the United States. There is however studies that show that hormone replacement techniques may offer a solution to some of these problems. For people suffering from hypogonadism or feeling the effects of low testosterone there may be many benefits of testosterone therapy.

Low T? The Problems Are Many

Some of the problems associated with low levels of testosterone are listed above, but also recent studies have shown that those with low levels die sooner than those with normal levels. It is still unknown if this is because of the low levels themselves, or other risks associated with low levels, but one thing is clear: low levels are not healthy.

Human Growth Hormone

The use of HGH in treating adults suffering from the effects of aging can be combined with other treatments to deal with the issues that come on later in life. The fact is, that these two levels need to be held closely in balance with one another, because when they are, the effects caused by low levels tend to decrease more rapidly. These two types of therapy are often used together because they seem to work so well when combined. The use of HGH is a technique that is not only well known, but one that is used most often along with other types of therapy. But there are other strategies out there for helping adults who suffer from common issues later in life due to lower hormone levels. One of the different ways in which these issues are treated lately is with another type of growth hormone that can help naturally produce higher levels of growth hormones.

Improved Results Through Sermorelin

There is a better way to approach these age related issues when it comes to the way hormones are used in replacement techniques, and this is by using a synthetic form of what is known as a growth hormone releasing hormone or GHRH. This is called sermorelin. This hormone has better benefits because it maintains levels by using your own body to help keep the levels normal. This GHRH has many benefits over injections and creams for many reasons such as making sure you cannot overdose because of high levels in your body. Also the regulation of the levels in your body is controlled by your body which is unlike injections that only work for a certain amount of time. Also sermorelin helps your body to get back and maintain normal levels of all the body’s hormone levels, which reduces the effects that your body is feeling due to aging. Also, as you get even older, your body can still keep up with production because it is holding the levels by itself, because it is creating it, instead of being injected. In short, this method is more helpful and safer than other techniques used to cure the problems associated with older age.

A Better Hormone Therapy Solution

When trying to cure any problem associated with aging, the best solution should be to increase healthy levels in your body without creating too many health concerns. The typical treatments can lead to problems such as cancer and other unwanted and harmful side effects. When trying to figure out the right solution that gives everyone a much greater chance at staying healthy, and feeling younger, the side effects should be reduced as well. With better treatments, outcomes that are more beneficial for everyone should soon become a reality.