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Testosterone Therapy vs HGH Therapy? Which is Right for You?

You’ve seen all of the ads on television about male testosterone treatment, but never thought you’d have that problem. You’re 45 and you still feel like you’re 20. You go jogging for five miles a day, hit the gym and work on the weight machines, and fit into the same clothes from years ago. You’ve always had a great sex life as well and have no complaints until changes hit in the past few months. You’ve been biting people’s heads off whenever there’s a problem at work and your co-workers have been staying away. You were always an early riser, but now you can’t seem to get out of bed. You even overslept one day and ended up late to work. Worst of all, your sex drive has done a disappearing act. You’ve been flipping through a magazine only to find another testosterone therapy ad staring up at you.

To find out if testosterone replacement is for you, you need to seek an expert opinion. Don’t try and self diagnose your problem or experiment with online products. You could be taking a risk with dangerous supplements that do not have FDA approval. You could also have an underlying condition, such as a heart condition or a thyroid problem. Make an appointment and see a doctor to discuss your concerns. Discuss male testosterone treatment. It’s a common problem for men as they age, although some are affected more severely than others. While some men seem to have no problems with the passing years, others have a marked decrease in hormone levels. Only your doctor will be able to get to the heart of the matter and diagnose your condition. You can expect a thorough examination, questions, and blood work. Only a blood test will determine if you need testosterone replacement. If you have had a serious drop in testosterone levels, your doctor can prescribe testosterone therapy.

The most common form of testosterone replacement involves testosterone injections. You will need to give yourself testosterone injections once a week. Over time, you should be experience an improvement in your symptoms. A return of energy and strength is common, as well as renewed sexual libido. Now is the time to get to the bottom of the problem. You can call the doctor’s office today or start by clicking here to make your appointment for a consultation. Get on the road to getting back to feeling like yourself again. Testosterone therapy could be the answer for you.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

You’re a man in your forties. After a lifetime of relatively good health, you’re experiencing some troubling symptoms. Your wife is teasing you about male menopause, wondering if you finally understand the hormone roller coaster she’s been on all of these years. Ads have been flooding the television making you think harder about what she’s said. Could you be experiencing low t symptoms?

Low t symptoms occur when testosterone levels drop. While lower testosterone levels are a part of life for men after the age of forty, some are affected more than others. You may find yourself really running out of steam, having a hard time finding the energy to get up every day. Your moods may become erratic, changing on the spur of the moment for no explained reason. One of the most troubling symptoms of low testosterone levels is a lack of sexual drive. You might find that you simply have no interest in sex anymore. In the midst of sex, you may experience erectile dysfunction. If you’ve been affected severely by these symptoms, you could be feeling miserable.

You don’t have to live with your symptoms. You need to see a doctor and find out what is going on in your body. Be frank with the doctor and explain everything that has been going on. Now is not the time to be secretive. The doctor is going to be checking your blood pressure, your heart, and your blood. High blood pressure and cardiovascular problems could cause similar symptoms. However, if blood testing proves that your testosterone has dropped significantly, the doctor could prescribe testosterone therapy. Testosterone therapy is a relatively easy alternative that can be in the form of gels, creams, or injections. You can begin to feel relief from your symptoms. Call for an appointment today.

Testosterone Injections

Have you been feeling run down lately, yet can’t explain why? Are your moods becoming unpredictable as you tend to snap more often? Are you so exhausted at night that you can’t even keep your eyes open? Add a lack of sexual libido to the list and there is a good chance that you are suffering from low testosterone levels. Low t is a common problem for many men. As a natural part of the aging process, testosterone will begin to decrease after a man hits his peak levels in his 20’s. For some men, the decrease will not be noticeable. However, others will feel marked changes. In the past, men would simply tough it out, ignoring their symptoms. You have options today. Testosterone therapy could make a world of difference.

Testosterone therapy must be prescribed by a doctor. That means you’re going to have to bite the bullet and make that appointment that you have been avoiding. There is no need for shame or embarrassment when you are dealing with low t. You’re not alone. Tell the doctor about your concerns. After a physical examination, questions, and blood tests, it will be possible to get to the bottom of the problem. It’s important that you seek a medical opinion. There are other serious conditions that cause symptoms that are similar to low testosterone. You need to get the right diagnosis so that you can start to feel better. If testosterone is the problem, you can begin testosterone therapy.

Testosterone injections are the most common form of treatment for a severe decrease in testosterone. Your doctor will prescribe testosterone injections at the proper dosage for you. With weekly injections, you should begin to see an improvement. It’s time to click here or call today to find the answers you need.

Men who find that their testosterone levels have dropped due to low T or because of other medical concerns may be able to find relief with testosterone injections. Testosterone therapy has long been considered an option for those who have lower than normal levels of testosterone. Therefore, it may be an important factor to consider for males who are in their thirties or older as a means of attempting to regain their level of health prior to low T.

Testosterone therapy is something that many men consider due to the ill effects of low levels of testosterone in their bodies. It can have a number of adverse effects on a male that are largely determined by each individual and the way that his body in particular responds to reduced levels of testosterone. When low T becomes a problem testosterone therapy may produce the answers that are required to alleviate many of these symptoms.

Testosterone injections are relatively painless and can be completed in a matter of seconds. Males typically get testosterone injections on a weekly basis. The treatment is similar to that which has been developed for children who suffer from diabetes. Therefore, only a small needle injection is required each week in order to administer the necessary amounts of therapy. Many times this therapy may be able to eliminate many of the health concerns that are experienced due to reduced levels of testosterone in the bloodstream. As a result, many men have made the decision to further explore this type of therapy.

This is a therapy that many individuals may find to be quite effective in helping them to better function in their daily lives. It is especially important to consider the possibilities regarding getting these injections for individuals who are adversely impacted by low levels of testosterone. It is also important that the therapy be conducted by a licensed physician who has the experience necessary to safely conduct this type of therapy. This is true of virtually all medical procedures. Therefore, it is important to contact the doctor either by clicking here or contacting the office directly by telephone in order to find out more information and schedule an appointment.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Young men generally have higher testosterone than those who are past their peak, which occurs in a man’s 20s. This gives young men a host of advantages at work, in the community and in the bedroom. When testosterone levels continue to fall later on, men are likely to experience a host of problems affecting their health and quality of life. Fortunately, testosterone replacement eliminates these issues for men who opt for it.

When Testosterone Therapy May Be Valuable

Men who have passed their peak testosterone may suffer psychologically as well as physically. In addition to the loss of muscle and accumulation of fat common among those with low testosterone, many also experience depression, irritability, anxiety and loss of motivation. This can cause problems at work as well as in the household. For men suffering from these issues, testosterone replacement may offer fast and effective relief.

Major Testosterone Therapy Benefits

In addition to better psychological well-being, patients may be less likely to experience a few health issues in later life if they are receiving regular testosterone injections. Heart disease and dementia are both associated with lower testosterone levels. Finally, immunity is often also enhanced in men taking testosterone.

Proper Physician Supervised Treatment Is Key

hgh vs testosterone therapy

Like any medical treatment, testosterone replacement must be administered correctly to be effective and safe. While family doctors may vary in their levels of knowledge and experience regarding testosterone therapy, reputable anti-aging doctors are more likely to be experts at hormone replacement. Under these conditions, patients may find that they receive more personal attention and a tailored medical plan that meets their needs.

Thanks to the availability of testosterone injections in the modern medical world, men don’t have to suffer from low testosterone. Click here and fill out the contact form to make an appointment with a testosterone therapy doctor.

Sermorelin as a Form of HGH Therapy

sermorelin hgh therapy

When the HGH production in the body decreases, the body starts showing the signs of aging. Sermorelin therapy treatment is needed to stimulate the pituitary glands to produce the growth hormone. It has proven to enhance the levels of endurance and energy, and fight other signs of aging. It is a small peptide containing 29 amino acids. It works in combination with GHRS-6.

One of the biggest benefits of Sermorelin is that you can reclaim your youth. It effectively reverses the symptoms of aging by enhancing the production and secretion of natural HGH in the body.

Other benefits include youthful and glowing skin, improved skin elasticity, reduction of body fat, enhanced energy, better quality of sleep, increased in bone density, playing a part in fuel homeostasis, maintains pancreatic glands, reduced wrinkles, enhanced sexual performance, and improved sex drive, among others.

It also strengthens the immune system and increases production of IGF-1.

This type of HGH treatment is quite popular in treating adult who have low IGF-1 and growth hormone levels. Its effect on the production of human growth hormone results in numerous health benefits.

When Sermorelin is used in combination with other HGH therapy options, it works very quickly and effectively to reverse the symptoms of aging. It is much more effective than HGH therapy, if used alone. While this treatment produces similar effects as other types hormone treatments, it gives more benefits.

So, how will you know that this treatment is working? Patients undergoing the therapy report better sleeping patterns in the initial days. Others have better energy levels and better mood. After undergoing the therapy for about 6 months, there are noticeable physical changes. There is an improvement in muscle tone, skin tone, and better health.

To determine the quantity of the treatment required by the body, you need to undergo proper testing. The dosage is administered at night for its effectiveness. You are able to sleep better and produce more growth hormones. To know more about hormone treatment and other options for you, fill out the contact form HERE or you can also call us directly.

HGH Therapy for Men

Also known as the “Fountain of Youth,” human growth hormone is originally and naturally produced within the body. It plays a major role on regulating the growth and up-keeping the vital functions of the body. Produced and secreted by the pituitary gland, HGH is the considered as the master hormone in the body. It controls the production of all every other hormone in the body.

However, the production of this hormone will drastically drop as the person starts to age, especially for men who reach the age of 40 and above. In this regard, HGH for men has been introduced and has proven to be a great solution for men who suffer the symptoms of aging. Though the growth hormone treatment may not extend the life of the user, it can however, significantly slow down the process of aging and prevents some undesirable symptoms of aging, such as balding, wrinkles, and lack of energy, from occurring.

To get a kick start in increasing the body’s hormone level, the human growth hormone therapy should be accompanied with changes in lifestyle, engaging in more physical activities, and proper diet. Once the growth hormone level is increased and restored, the following benefits will be experienced:

• Damaged skin cells that are caused by exposure to sun, pollution, smoke, and harsh weather conditions will be repaired, giving you a younger, smoother, and less-wrinkled looking skin.

• As the growth hormone level is restored, the brain cells will start to function more efficiently.

• Since the growth hormone has a great influence on the production of testosterone in body, it can also help restore the bone’s density.

• Optimum level of growth hormone helps boost the production of testosterone, which boosts libido and sexual activity among men.

In addition to the above-mentioned effects that are attributed to the increase of the growth hormone level in the body, other common benefits include increase in muscle mass, more youthful appearance, increase in energy level, and better confidence level.

To know more about hormone treatment options for men, fill out the contact form HERE or call us for an immediate appointment.

Growth Hormone Therapy

Having a healthy body is a goal that many people have. However, as they age, they might start to redefine healthy. You, yourself, might say that you deserve the changes going on in your body. You’re growing older, and you feel weak, sad, tired and all other sorts of emotions going on. Furthermore, your actual physical body might be feeling rather weak. One of the reasons why this could be happening is because of improper levels of human growth hormone, also known as HGH, in your body. When you do not have the proper levels of HGH, all functions and parts of the body can be affected.

Some assume that growth hormone therapy is only for men or only for women. However, at our offices, we offer human growth hormone therapy for both genders. While many of our programs have different treatment options for the genders, this hormone is administered through small injection needles for both men and women. Some people are a bit frightened when they hear that needles are going to be used; however, you need not be fearful. Instead, realize that these needles are just like the ones that are used to treat diabetes in children. If these children are able to handle the needles, then you can absolutely feel empowered too.

How can you know if you’re a candidate for human growth hormone treatment? Well, if you are noticing a lot of unpleasant signs of aging in your body and mind, then you might be someone who needs to go through this process. Only a professional will be able to tell you if this type of program is right for you. Therefore, it is important to call our offices today to speak with a professional; you can also click here to learn more about our programs.