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Tips for a Healthy New Year

Every New Year, almost each and every one of us resolves to better their lives, but only a small percent actually attains these goals. Though it is hard to maintain the enthusiasm months later, it is not entirely impossible. In 2018, concentrate on a more valuable resolution; your health. Here are some tips on how to attain a healthy and happy 2018 from your local Long Island Physicians!

Lose Weight

Losing weight not only requires patience but also demands a lot of discipline and hard work. You need to commit yourself to the task and plan for the bumps ahead. Remember that you can never have overnight results; it is a gradual process and an emotional one too. It is therefore necessary to have someone with you on a regular basis to encourage you through the hard times.

Quit smoking

It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed, you can still try again. It is best to get in touch with an ex-smoker and learn from their experience. Put in different methods and see which one might work best. You might want to make money the motivating factor; try and save the money you spend on cigarettes. The more the savings grow the more motivated you become.

Relax and reduce stress

Pressure is a part of life, and a little pressure here and there is good to keep us going. However, chronic stress is a threat not only to your health but to your life as well. Stress increases risks of depression, insomnia, heart disease and obesity. Long work hours, lack of exercise, little or no sleep, poor diet and neglect of friends and family are just a few of the vast contributors of chronic stress. In some cases, depression might take the better part of you, and at this stage it is advisable to visit a physician.

Be active with more cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular exercises play a critical role in boosting your confidence, reducing heart diseases, cancer and reducing depression. Cardio burns up calories thus helping in weight loss, increase blood circulation and boost brain activity. Bicycle riding, swimming, jogging and boxing are just a few of the cardio exercises you could engage in 2018. For a more thorough cardiovascular risk assessment, it’s always a good idea to consult with your physician.

Skip the alcohol

Heavy alcohol drinking poses a great risk to your health. Alcohol not only affects your brain’s neurotransmitters which increases risks of depression and memory loss, but also leads to terminal illnesses including stroke, cancer and liver cirrhosis. In addition, alcohol is a major contributor of financial mismanagement. If you limit alchol, you will free up some money which could be utilized in more worthy expenditures.

Get more sleep

A good night sleep is a great benefit to your mood, appearance and health in general. Resting is important for strengthening your memory and replenishing your muscles. Similarly, you reduce risks of obesity and diabetes when you get more sleep.

As you kick-start 2018, make your health a priority. Make regular visits to your doctor for cholesterol screening, cancer tests and general body check-ups. Eat healthy foods, exercise more, learn how to manage your finances and improve your sleep habits in order to maintain good health.