TM-Flow System
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TM-Flow System Comes to Long Island Doctor’s Office

All About the TM-Flow System

The TM-Flow System is a comprehensive medical tool data system that we’re proud to make available at our Long Island doctor’s offices. This system assesses a number of vital signs. They include Galvanic Skin Response, blood pressure, SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation) percent, and, last but not least, heart rate. The TM-Flow system provides users with vital sign mathematical evaluations that offer invaluable insight into both vascular dysfunction and autonomic neuropathy. It makes an effective and efficient vascular health and autonomic nervous system testing device.

The TM-Flow test employs three distinct technologies in the measurement and assessment of vital signs. These technologies are TM-ABI, LD-Oxy and SweatC. Research indicates that the precision of the test’s markers is similar to that of the OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test), DNS (Diabetic Neuropathy Symptoms) scores and coronary angiography, among a handful of others.

Faster Diagnosis with TM-Flow System

TM-Flow concentrates on fast detection. It concentrates on possible complications of all kinds as well. It’s a system that’s suitable for individuals who have chronic metabolic conditions including diabetes. It consists of numerous tests that evaluate clinical results. Examples are ankle brachial index, EWING (Cardiac Autonomic Reflex), photo-plethysmography assessment and sudomotor function tests. These diverse tests serve many different functions. They cover many bases in general. Ankle brachial index tests are measurements that rely on pneumo-plethysmography. Cardiac Autonomic Reflex tests feature postural adjustments and deep breathing exercises. Sudomotor function tests depend on sympathetic skin response.

Improved Technology Means Better Conveniences

There are numerous conveniences associated with this test. It’s simple to use, first and foremost. It’s not at all invasive. It doesn’t call for a significant time commitment at all, either. This test generally takes anywhere between seven and 10 minutes total. Its reports aren’t at all difficult to comprehend.

This exhaustive medical device data system combines elements of ankle brachial indices, Ewing, sudomotor and photoplethysmography analysis testing. Neural and vascular disorders have a lot in common. Vascular and autonomic neuropathy diseases often have signs that are alike in many ways.

Sisselman Medical Group Stays Ahead of the Technology Curve

If you want to reap the benefits of a brief vascular health test, the TM-Flow system may be optimal for you. It offers an assessment of arterial stiffness. It evaluates sudomotor functioning in substantial detail. It evaluates individuals for clues of peripheral artery disease. It even includes a meticulous assessment of cardiac autonomy neuropathy concerns.

This state of the art test is currently available through our practice. At Sisselman Medical Group, we’re a physician’s office that pays careful attention to all kinds of technological innovations and advancements. Contact us today for more information.