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3V Dental in Port Washington Embraces Modern Impressions with iTero!

Step into the modern world of digital impressions with iTero

Even though Dentists don’t say it, it is ugly to see patients gagging and spitting only to get impressions of their sick teeth. Dentists put up a real fight to be able to get a clear impression of patient’s teeth. Sometimes an accurate picture is never gotten because honestly, it is just so messy to put up with.  The Itero digital scanner is a medical scanner that produces 3D test results and treatment plan.  These scans have so far been used in over 1.2 million curative rounds and implant cases and more than 1.3 million orthodontic scans, consisting more than 600,000 Invisalign scans.  When getting a dental test using the ordinary conventional method of meeting an orthodontist, ordinary numerous pictures of a patient’s teeth are taken in order to gather all the parts of the teeth for a clearer assessment. With this Scanner, a full 3D picture is taken and sent to a lab for assessment. Here is exactly how this scanner works.

itero digital scanner port washington long island

How iTero Digital Impressions Work

• On meeting your dentist, moulds of your teeth are taken using the scanner.
• The moulds are sent to a lab where they are scanned into a 3D replica of your teeth.
• The results are then used to create a treatment plan for your teeth’s condition
• Once the results are scanned, you don’t have to visit your Dentist again, unless you want to. The results and your 3D treatment plan are sent to your email where you can view it on any smart phone, tablet or computer. This way you can talk about your treatment plan with your Doctor on a chat app, phone, and email or through any other means of communication you wish to use.

Your 3D treatment plan includes:

• How long your treatment will take
• A transition of how your teeth will look like through each treatment process
• A final picture of how your teeth shall look after the treatment is complete.

The Benefits of using iTero digital Scanning

Shorter Wait Times
This scanner is designed to help the busy patient get the treatment they deserve without having to wait in long hospital long lines to meet a Doctor and to wait for examination results for over 24-48hours

Modern Medicine at its Finest
Any hospital, Doctor or clinic that uses digital scanning can be viewed as the professionals they truly are.

3D Imaging
The whole idea of getting to see your teeth on a 3D picture gives both the Dentist and the patient a clear picture of the problem they are facing and the best treatment plan to go with

It’s easy to use
It works like a smart phone. With its touch screen, a Doctor is able to zoom images and rotate them to the desired size. This easy to use experience makes it trouble-free for Doctors to delegate nurses or other staff to operate the scanner.

We create a clean working environment
There is no need for trays and all the trash associated with examination rooms. Neither is there need for mixing chemicals to be used on the patient. This helps to provide a clean environment for both patients and Doctors.

itero digital scanner port washington long island

Conventional vs Digital Impressions Using iTero

In this digital era, the Invisalign digital impressions are the most comfortable way anyone from kids, Invisalign teens to adults can get a comfortable assessment and treatment process without going through the hassle of inserting sticky devices into the mouth or leaving behind a messy room or even worse not getting accurate results off a teeth examination.

Conventional scanners are nowhere comparable to these new technology scanners. Besides just taking a 3D image and displaying a treatment plan, these scanners provide a model file that can be used for various lab procedures such as creating restorative components for digital and storage records among other purposes.

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