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“We all get older. That’s a fact of life. As men start rounding 40, various hormonal changes occur that can lower physical ability, sexual functions, and cognitive thinking. Until recently, these fluctuations were known as “growing old,” and men were expected to deal with the fact that their bodies were turning against them. At this point, most conventional doctors start prescribing drugs for depression, cholesterol, heart disease and a plethora of other diseases. If more doctors checked their male patients’ hormone levels, they might be shocked to learn that many problems could be fixed by adjusting hormone levels instead of just throwing drugs at a patient. The answer then is testosterone therapy as well as HGH therapy.

What is testosterone therapy? Testosterone is extremely misunderstood. Bodybuilders have tainted the repute of natural testosterone by putting huge amounts of fake testosterone into their bodies. A man over the age of 40 can enjoy many benefits by restoring his natural testosterone to a more youthful phase.

Most regular doctors have not suggested testosterone replacement therapy because some below par conducted studies showed very skewed results. Numerous reputable studies have shown that retaining youthful levels of testosterone can enable an older man to restore his youthful abilities. It also appears that testosterone replacement therapy provides significant beneficial effects against cardiovascular disease.

Few doctors are acquainted with the hormone tests that should be ordered. Most don’t have the capability to adjust hormones to reverse the deteriorating changes that begin as a man enters his 40s. These remedies should be sought out from physicians who are expert in the area of testosterone and low T treatment.

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