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Common Questions Doctors Wished You Asked

What are the Treatment options?

To be sure, a doctor’s visit can be challenging and filled with anxious moments. Often, a caregiver is busy and patients often just want to find out what is wrong with them and then move on. However, there are questions to ask your physician during the visit such as, “What are the different treatment options?” Treatment options should be shared by both the caregiver and the patient. At Sisselmand Medical Group, we want our patients to show an interest in the treatment options available.

What outcome should I expect?

Most patients assume that their life will return to normal after surgery or other treatment; however, your caregiver may know that there may be only a small improvement in one or two of your symptoms. Because you need to know what your physician knows, it may change your decision on a particular treatment plan. Another question that your caregiver would like you to ask is, “Is there anything I can do on my own to make my condition better?” Caregivers know lifestyle choices such as smoking, eating and sleeping bring patients to his or her office. By asking this question, your caregiver may be able to tell you how you could change or improve your lifestyle to help recover from an illness.

What are the side effects?

Keep in mind; there is always the possibility that certain medications given to a patient could hurt them. Patients need to hear about those side effects before they delve into treatment. One other question to ask is, “Should I get a second opinion?” Getting a second opinion may be helpful because doctors vary in their areas of expertise. One physician’s insight into your symptoms could be quite different from another doctor’s. Questions to ask your doctor can make a difference in the kind of care you receive.

What Internet Resources Can I Trust for Accurate Medical Information?

Anyone with a blog or a website can offer offer information and advice on medical issues. However, not all information should be treated as if it was written by a licensed physician. In today’s internet world, most blogs and informational websites make money off of how many visits they get to their website. Many websites use unscrupulous tactics to get you there, only to feed you with inaccurate or poorly researched information.

Based on your symptoms, chances are there’s a reputable website that will have accurate information. Check with your physician today for their recommendation.

Is it normal to feel this way?

There are many reasons and causes for depression and anxiety; however, symptoms of depression are not obvious during an appointment but certainly, this question should be asked if a patient does not feel well and shows concern for his well-being.

To conclude, a physician’s visit can sometimes be challenging and filled with anxious moments. However, there are five questions doctors wished you asked such as “What outcome should I expect?” Schedule your appointment with Sisselman Medical Group to speak to your physician about some of your anxieties. Remember, the more you ask, the more you’ll be at ease.