Los Angeles Hormone Therapy

Los Angeles Testosterone and Hormone Therapy

“For men, low testosterone is a major reason for loss of health and quality of life. Fortunately, men suffering from the condition can receive correction by visiting an anti-aging doctor experienced with testosterone replacement therapy. Here are some of the biggest advantages men can expect with a return to healthy testosterone levels.

Sexual Health

When erectile dysfunction and loss of libido are caused by lack of testosterone, replacement therapy is the most reliable treatment available. Men receiving testosterone therapy can expect a fast return to virility that won’t go unnoticed by partners. Confidence is also enhanced, resulting in greater sexual ability across the board.

Enhanced Physique

Men who are obese commonly suffer from low testosterone levels. When levels are returned to normal by replacement therapy, fat virtually disappears and muscle mass develops, raising metabolism considerably. Men who work out will experience improved results and muscle retention after beginning low T treatment.

Reduced Risk of Osteoporosis

Depleted bone density in later life is often caused by low levels of testosterone. Low T treatment makes bones more resistant to breakage, allowing men to stay more active and healthier as a result. By helping older men avoid commitment to an assisted living facility, testosterone replacement is also a valuable ingredient for longer-lasting independence.

Better Mental Abilities

Falling testosterone can worsen several aspects of cognition, including memory, attention span and processing speed. All of these elements of cognitive ability are required for top performance and enjoyment in work, relationships and recreation. In this way, testosterone replacement therapy is a powerful tool that older men can use to stay competitive.

Healthy Mood

Normally, men have a lower risk of depression and anxiety compared to women. Higher levels of testosterone are the reason for this, and when levels drop, men are more likely to experience moodiness, depression and fear in response to stress. With testosterone replacement, men enjoy greater stability and resilience.

Men of any age can suffer from low T, so men who suspect that their levels are low should seek testing in order to receive treatment and regain a high quality of life. For more information about Los Angeles testosterone therapy, simply fill out the contact form.”