medical marijuana for ptsd in florida

Medical Marijuana as a Form of Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

MPost-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health illness that many people suffer from. This illness is caused by a traumatic event in a person’s past. Typically, this tragic incident is the loss of a loved one, witnessing a traumatic situation, military service, and many other traumatic situations. The causes of PTSD cannot be helped in most situations. A person may try to avoid the causes of this disorder by avoiding traumatic situations, but unfortunately these situations still happen. It is important for a person that is suffering from anxiety and depression from this disorder get some kind of treatment as soon as possible.

Treatment for PTSD with Medical Marijuana

Treatment for PTSD will vary from person to person. Typical treatment includes therapy and medications. A doctor will work with you to determine what kind of medication to use. Medication used for PTSD includes anti-anxiety and depression medication. These medications often come with some side effects. Some people find that these medications do not work well for them. For some people, the side effects are so severe that they cannot take the medication. For people that want to try a more all-natural approach, great strides have been made in post-traumatic stress disorder treatment with medical marijuana. Medical marijuana can naturally treat the symptoms of PTSD. If you are worried about getting high, some strains are available with low THC. Low THC cannabis will give you the benefits of the plant without the side effects.

How Cannabis Helps with PTSD

Over the years, research has indicated that fear learning helps to contribute to PTSD. Learned fear can trigger symptoms such as the fight or flight that people with this disorder have. CB-1 receptors can help to deactivate those traumatic memories. It has been shown that people suffering from this disorder have a lack of endocannabinoids in their bodies. The theory is by using marijuana, these cannabinoids are replaced.
If you have PTSD, your physician may recommend that you have exposure therapy. Exposure therapy is where you are exposed to stimuli that cause your traumatic memories. This is done in a safe location under the supervision of your physician. The reason that exposure therapy is done is to desensitize you to the triggers of your post-traumatic stress disorder. This process is known as extinction. Medical cannabis can help you to work through the stress of your triggers.

In addition to the above treatments, CBD can help you to relax. If you feel an anxiety attack or symptom coming on, you simply use your medical cannabis as directed by your doctor. CBD will help to alleviate your stress and put you in a better mood. Many medical marijuana users say that their quality of life has greatly improved using it for their PTSD treatment.

Prescription Medical Marijuana in Florida

If you reside in the state of Florida, you can get medical marijuana as long as you have an ID card and permission from your doctor. It is important that you do not try to get marijuana without having your medical certification and ID card. If you do get marijuana without this, you could be arrested and face jail time. To get cannabis for your post-traumatic stress disorder, you will need to speak at length with a physician that will be able to get you a medical ID card and help you to get started in your treatments.

Cannabis can help you if you suffer from PTSD. This treatment will help you to avoid costly pharmaceutical treatments that may have harsh side effects. If you are interested in learning more about how cannabis can help treat your post-traumatic stress disorder, contact CannabiMed today. They will be able to come out of your home to help you get started with your certification in Florida. Coming out to your home is great for those with PTSD patients that do not want to leave their home. They will help you go through the entire process to get started on your road to recovery.