Parents, Schedule Your Child’s Summer Camp and Sport Physicals Today!

Sports and camps play a large part in the development of children. Spring sports and summer camps can be fun and yet challenging, allowing a kid the room to grow and discover who they are, while still having fun in the process. However, for many of these events a child must now receive a physical examination in order to be involved in them. These physicals are required by whatever state you are in and are an important part of protecting your child in these events. What these examinations check for, why they are important and who conducts them are all questions that will be answered in this article.

What Do Physical Examinations Check For?

The physical examinations required by the state are there to protect your child physically from any undue danger and harm that could come there way. To that effect, the exams usually check your child’s pre-existing conditions to make sure that they are able to participate in the sport or camp. They will also conduct a bodily examination that may include an eye-sight measurement and a test of the general mobility and well-being of your child (click here and here for more information regarding the test). They also may give other tips such as signs of a concussion or other medical advice.

Why Are Physicals Important?

A sports physical is important because it makes sure that your child can safely play and train in that sport. There may be important information unknown to a parent about the sport that would inhibit certain children from playing it and fully enjoying it. It also can potentially alert the coaches to keep an eye out for any kids who are struggling physically because of any pre-existing conditions.

A camp physical works much the same way. It helps ensure the safety of any children who are involved in the summer camp, and it allows camp counselors to be aware of certain conditions that any children may have, thus enabling the counselors to be better prepared.

Who Conducts the Physical?

Obviously any doctor or physician can conduct the examination, however there are easier alternatives. Generally, a board-certified nurse or physician’s assistant will be able to conduct these exams, and they can pass on any information they gather to your family doctor. At Sisselman Medical Group, we provide school, camp, and sports physicals at both of our Long Island locations. To schedule your child’s physical at our Massapequa or Commack location, contact us today!