Testosterone and Hormone Therapy in New York

New York City HGH, Testosterone and Hormone Therapy Physicians

Since the dawn of humanity, people have sought ways to slow down or even halt the aging process. In our tireless pursuit of immortality, we have discovered a great many substances that can help to minimize the effects of aging. A few of these are Testosterone, Hormone and HGH, better known as human growth hormone. Your brain naturally produces this hormone in its pituitary gland, but as you become older, you stop making as much of it until production virtually stops altogether. Fortunately, modern science is now discovering that supplementing with this hormone can return your levels to an ideal range and bestow many benefits.  Through the network of New York City hormone therapy physicians, you now have options.

Fat to Muscle Ratio

Obesity is one of today’s most prevalent health problems, especially among older people. This can partly be blamed on a lack of human growth hormone. One of the biggest benefits of HGH therapy is the fact that it helps you to lose excess body fat and gain lean muscle mass.

Improved Sexual Function

Another problem that plagues older people is a decrease in sexual function. A low libido, vaginal dryness and an inability to get or maintain an erection can put a significant damper on relationships and overall quality of life. HGH helps to reverse these problems, allowing aged individuals to regain an essential feature of their youth.

Cognitive Function

As people age, they often find that they experience reduced mental clarity and have more trouble remembering things than they used to. While this is considered a normal part of aging, it’s not something that has to be tolerated. These problems are more than a simple inconvenience. They can actually cause serious problems with your ability to function in daily life. If these issues are left unresolved, they could hinder job performance, cause social problems and even make it unsafe to do things like drive or self-administer medications. Of all the benefits of HGH therapy, its ability to improve this aspect of life can be considered the most helpful.

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