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Testosterone Therapy

Understanding Low Testosterone and Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone: A Vital Hormone for Men

There’s no doubt the hormone testosterone plays a key role in male health. It can give a man greater strength and muscle mass, reduce fat, improve emotional health and stimulate sexual desire. But after a man reaches 30, he loses approximately one percent of his testosterone each year *. This steady depletion can result in the gradual appearance of symptoms such as weight gain, loss of muscle mass, irritability and low sex drive. If tests determine Low T is the culprit, male testosterone treatment may be necessary. Male testosterone treatment is simple and fast. Most men only require a weekly injection to help boost the body’s testosterone levels. For more on testosterone therapy for men, click here.

Low T: Women Also Suffer

Testosterone is often considered a male hormone when in reality it is just as important for maintaining a woman’s health. Most women’s testosterone levels gradually diminish with age and sometimes cause many of the same Low T symptoms reported by men. These symptoms are typically more pronounced after a hysterectomy or during menopause. A greater understanding of female Low T is now resulting in more women receiving testosterone therapy. Female Low T is usually treated by applying prescribed hormone-infused creams to the skin. For more on testosterone therapy for women, click here.

Testosterone Therapy: Get Help Today

Take the next step to find out if you have Low T and if treatment for Low T is right for you. Today’sBody and our holistic approach provides supervised hormone therapy and recommendations for positive lifestyle changes. We offer a wide range of hormone therapy treatments for men and women and all patients are under a physician’s care. Speak with our medical team to learn more about female and male testosterone treatments and how they may benefit you. Fill out our form on the right to learn more about how Today’sBody and our physician-directed wellness programs can help you.