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What’s the difference between HGH Therapy and Testosterone Therapy?

Unfortunately, all of us men have to eventually age. As you age, your testosterone and HGH, otherwise known as human growth hormone, starts to steadily decline. This all begins with the pituitary gland and its ability to produce and secrete HGH as well as regulate testosterone levels throughout the body. This can happen anywhere between the ages of 35 and 55 typically. These hormones will typically peak out in your early 20s and decline from there. Because of this, hormone replacement therapy can be a great option for you! In this article, I am going to be review both testosterone therapy and HGH therapy. I’m going to be showing you how they are alike, how they are different, and how they work together creating this synergistic effect.

The fact of the matter is that both hormones work together to provide strength, vitality, and peak performance for the human body. The reason why your body is able to put on muscle and maintain this performance is that of these two hormones. The bad news is that the symptoms of both Low T and low HGH levels are one in the same. As a matter of fact, a decrease in human growth hormone may spark a decrease in testosterone levels and vice versa.

Signs of Low Testosterone or Hormone Deficiency

Some common symptoms of hormone deficiency may include low libido, erectile dysfunction, and not being able to perform like before. You may feel tired more often than not and you could potentially develop emotional issues like anxiety or depression. You could also be a bit more moody than normal. This is due to the fact that your entire endocrine system is out of whack. You could also experience weight gain and mental acuity because your hormones are not churning at the right pace. If you have some or many of the symptoms that I talked about above, I would highly recommend that you look into hormone replacement treatment.

With these hormone replacement remedies, your deficiency can be solved. Many doctors combine both treatments to help the individual get their hormones back to the right level. In fact, clinical data actually suggests that it be done this way with many research studies backing it up. This method, otherwise known as HRT, helps bring your normal hormone levels back to where they should be. After the process is over, patients typically have spectacular results. Their energy is restored and they feel more alive. They have better function throughout their entire body from their internal organs to their brain.

Benefits of Testosterone and HGH Therapy

If you look into the overall effect of both hormone replacement therapies, you will find that they produce some pretty nice side effects. In recent studies, the HGH has been shown to boost body fat metabolism. This basically means that fat burning will become more efficient. Contrary to not having optimal HGH levels, it will be harder and harder for you to put on fat. The other great effect that testosterone brings is the restoration of muscle mass and the improvement of muscle definition. This is great for those looking to improve their workout and put on some size for the summer. In the end, this is going to be very difficult to do with Low T. Research has also shown that the use of both hormones simultaneously increase muscle mass and decrease body fat more than opposed to just using one of the hormones.

All in all, hormone replacement treatments are a great option for those falling into an older age or even those experiencing one of the symptoms listed above. There are so many benefits of doing it that it will put your life back on track.